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Awareness of, and education into the issues and difficulties faced by victims of forced marriage and so called ‘honour’ based violence are key foundations to effective service provision. In association with the Forced Marriage Unit and Bristol Domestic Abuse Forum (BDAF), we aim to provide an understanding into the background of these practices, coupled with the latest information and guidance on legislation and principles of victim support.

If you would like more information on any of the current training options available, or have suggestions for further training, please contact us by email and direct all correspondence to us via email.

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Forced Marriages: A Training Day on Theory and Practice

This 1 day training workshop is run in association with BDAF. The course is primarily for professionals, practitioners, and voluntary sector workers who may have contact with victims of forced marriage and so called ‘honour’ based violence in their work.

The course is multi-agency and is designed to build on existing knowledge gained through BDAF’s level 2 course or equivalent. For further details on level 2 courses please contact Bristol Domestic Advice Forum.

Course Aims:

The learner will be able to introduce the cultural and social context of Forced Marriages and so called ‘honour’ based violence and what their role is in preventing it or supporting those who experience it.

Objectives – The Learner will:

  • Understand how and why Forced Marriage occurs across different cultures and to both women and men.
  • Acquire the essential skills necessary for gaining information and supporting victims by studying best practice and the relevant legislation.
  • Understand how they should respond to a victim of Forced Marriage in order to protect the victim’s safety.

Please note: Due to the multi-agency nature of this course only a maximum of two representatives will be accepted from any one organisation. If you wish to organise training solely for a group at your organisation please contact contact the SKY project training co-ordinator and we will endeavour to plan and deliver the course according to your needs.

>> Take me to the BDAF website

>> Download the BDAF training Booking Form

Community Work

The SKY Project is working towards community engagement through various activities that aim to provide a forum for discussion and debate in an open and safe environment. Whilst acknowledging the difficulties this may pose given the sensitivity of the issues we are hoping to raise, we stand by our aim of raising awareness as a path towards prevention of forced marriages and ‘honour’ based violence.

We are eager to engage and collaborate with existing community and cultural groups in achieving this goal and would like to hear from any group or individual who feels they may be able to help, advise, or work alongside The SKY Project.

Please direct all correspondence regarding community work to the Sky Project Community Team.

Previous Training

The SKY Project has delivered a range of presentations and informal talks to various groups and agencies. Although the individual focus is defined by the host organisation the overriding theme has been one of increasing awareness and understanding of Forced Marriage and facilitating a forum for discussion and debate around the various cultural and social issues that come to light.

We aim to continue this work across a diverse range of agencies and professional groups; host organisations have included:

  • Hometruths - domestic violence organisation in Swindon
  • South Gloucestershire Council Safeguarding Children Board - sexual abuse conference
  • Bristol University
  • Bristol Feminist Network
  • Midwives

Please contact the SKY project training co-ordinator for more information, or to request a presentation.

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